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Bar & Drink Accessories


beverage dispenser

  • Large Capacity 

  • 5 pieces each 4 liters 

  • For lemonades, juices and iced tea


Classic cutlery set in the color gold

  • The set of 5 consists of: fork, cake fork, large spoon, small spoon and knife

  • The cutlery is dishwasher safe

  • exclusive cleaning

  • 50 Set In Forehand 

If you book the cutlery without cleaning, you must return the cutlery cleaned. However, the cutlery is dishwasher safe and can be washed directly in the location or at your home without any problems. In consultation with your caterer or the location, this is usually not a problem.


With the cloth napkins you refine your table decorations - they suit every style and can be placed, folded or refined with napkin rings.

  • 50 pieces 

  • Purple, old pink, beige & light blue

  • Cloth napkins in classic white

  • Material: Cotton 

  • including cleaning

************************************************** **+

Self pickup

You can pick up the items from us on the Wednesday before the party free of charge. We will give you the appropriate packaging material and, depending on the item, we will also instruct you.

*****Warehouse: Rosenstrasse 1, 89555 Söhnstetten 

We will then inform you of the costs for the delivery in the non-binding offer.

The regular rental period applies to the date of the event and is usually between 4 - 6 days for an event.

  • The bottles can be used as table decorations and as stand-alone decorations or as flower vases. If you use real flowers, you can of course fill each bottle with water to keep the flowers fresh and decorate them in your own style with jute, lace or satin ribbons, for example. The bottles go perfectly with the vintage style, playful designs, candy bar or wood decoration

  • Volume:  Bottle: 750ml | Bottle: 630ml & 250ml

  • Color white

  • 12x candlestick king

  • Colours: gold, fine gold,

  • Sizes: 7.5cm x H 5.2cm 

  • tealight holders

  • Cleaning: Included

With the style candlesticks you can refine any table decoration or use them as main decoration.  

  • 3 x candlesticks 1-armed

  • 10 pieces available 

  • Colours: gold, fine gold

  • Sizes: 23, 28 and 33 cm

  • With wax-free stick candles or glass tea light attachments

  • Cleaning: Included

With the style candlesticks you can refine any table decoration or use them as main decoration. The 1-arm candlesticks can also be combined with larger candlesticks, such as 5-arm candlesticks. Due to the different color variants of the candlesticks, you can cover almost every style.

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